Teaching Philosophies

My teaching is successful/unique for the following reasons:

I passionately care about helping people and sharing the game of golf with others.  I find out what golf means to each student and I help them make their golfing experience more meaningful.  Each story is unique if you truly listen.

I focus on helping my helping my students to improve on and off the course:  My holistic coaching philosophy allows for personal growth in all aspects of a players life, which leads to the maximizing of each players potential.  Areas of emphasis include the mental approach, fitness, nutrition, equipment, and appropriately managing expectations/fear.

I don’t tell people what to do, I explain concepts: I explain why things are going wrong, why it needs to change, and how it needs to change.  Students want to make the change because they see the value in it, not just because I tell them to change. This allows students to take ownership of their own change and success.

I treat every person with the same amount of attentiveness and respect. Whether students are 4 years old or 82 years old, whether they take one lesson or ten, and whether they are a new golfer or an achieved player they each get my full attention and respect.  But…

I teach everyone differently to treat them the same. I see the world in a thousand shades of gray.  Different things work for different people. I build upon each student’s strengths and make their weaknesses less of a liability.

My life is an open book: I use my own personal life stories – successes, failures, and emotions to help students understand they are not alone and encourage them to get through challenging situations.

Happy students learn more: Students often find themselves laughing during lessons and taking a new view of the game (and themselves).  My students truly enjoy the learning experience, stay relaxed, and have more success.

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