Do You Have a Guide for YOUR Journey?

What can a better game do for YOU? Take a moment to really answer that question. Golf isn’t just about how many putts you make or how many fairways you hit. Golf is about a journey. Most would think the journey I am referring to is one of successfully navigating the course to get the ball into the hole, but there is another, much bigger journey outside of your statistics and score. Imagine yourself playing great golf. Where do you see your journey taking you? What does that journey look like and where does it end? Can you see, feel, and hear where your journey takes you?

Every person’s journey has a different destination, so why should the path you take be the same as someone else’s? And, every great journey has a guide – someone to prepare you for your trip, someone to make sure you have the correct tools for your journey, and someone to help you along the way. From the first step of your journey to your destination, your guide will serve various roles along the way. Your guide will help you draw a map to your destination, will help you find your way when you believe you are hopelessly lost, will point out a beautiful sunset when you are too busy looking forward, will carry your pack when the load is too heavy, will guide you safely to your destination, and will celebrate with you when you reach your destination. If you have a destination in mind, don’t embark on your journey alone or follow someone else’s path. Find a guide that will be your expert, your biggest fan, and will get you safely to YOUR destination.

Let me be the guide to help you reach YOUR destination. I believe in you. I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe small changes can catapult you to life altering changes. I believe you can accomplish any goal you truly hold in your heart. I believe your journey to reach your dreams and goals shouldn’t be a lonely one, but one filled with camaraderie and celebration. I believe ups and downs are part of the learning process and that the journey through the valley makes the view from the peak that much more majestic. I believe each person must forge a path that suits them, their personality, and their goals. And most of all, I believe in working hard to be the best guide I can be to help you enjoy your journey and get you to your destination.

What can a better game do for YOU?





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