Spring has officially arrived…It’s Masters Week

I am declaring The Masters as the official start of spring.  Usually around this time the snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and I am patiently waiting to reap the rewards of the spring bulbs I planted last fall.  Since spring in Minnesota lags behind that of Georgia, the beautiful greenery and  azaleas on the television seem to be a sign of what is to come in the next month.  The theme song of the Masters (a personal favorite of mine) playing from my television is equally as heartwarming as those beautiful bird songs that travel through my occasional open window.

The Masters also brings back fond memories of my family as we watched every shot together contemplating, and arguing over, who was going to wear the green jacket.  Every year the green jacket presentation was followed by a trip to the local golf course for a quick nine with my Father where every shot I hit seemed as important as the final shots of the leaders going through Amen Corner. In 2001 my father won four tickets in the practice round lottery and we were able to attend Monday’s practice round.  It was a perfect day walking on the hollowed grounds of Augusta National.  During the day,  I was amazed by the beauty of the course and its well-manicured surroundings.  The part that impressed me the most was that the entire grounds were pristine.  Every detail, in every nook and cranny of the golf course, had been meticulously cared for.  Over the course of the day, I found one  weed.  It was located half way down the right side of the 1oth hole – far from the fairway.  What was so interesting was that because the grounds were so perfect, that ONE weed stood out like a sore thumb.   It was a perfect day, in as near to a perfect place as anyone can find. I will forever cherish the memories that all the Masters weeks have created for my family and I.   Even though my family and I are over 500 miles apart, to this day we spend most of Master’s Sunday in a feverish phone conversation over each and every shot during that final round.

Living in Minnesota, a round of golf following The Masters is not always guaranteed.  A fun place to watch for local course openings is at Twin Cities Golf.  Although the weather doesn’t look too great for a round of golf on Sunday, this is a great tool to anticipate the your local course openings the same way I am anticipating the flowering of my spring bulbs.

For those of you with android phones, I found a free Masters App that will allow you to follow every moment of The Masters even when you do not have access to the television.  It was created by Augusta National and has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from it’s namesake, including:  pairings, real time scoring, videos, player info, photos, and best of all – Masters Radio.  You can download this free app on the android market by searching for “The Masters”.

Enjoy the week and the anticipation of the upcoming golf season where every putt is “to win The Masters”

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